Keyhaven Yacht Club 2010

We had a fine evening at Keyhaven Yacht Club on the 12th July.  The Yacht Club members took everyone who wanted to go on a boat ride from the quay to Hurst Castle and back.  You can see that a great time was had by all!

Photography Project 2010

A Mencap Local Arts Award provided the funds to buy a digital camera, laptop computer and some printing ink and photo paper.  The Photography Project was led by Assistant Leader Debbie Bodley and Volunteer Ian Parks.  Over a period of six months the group met during Club time to work on the project.  The photographs taken were presented to an audience of Club members and supporters on Tuesday 11th May at Brockenhurst Gateway Club’s first Photography Exhibition.

This is the Photography Project members’ report on the project:-

This project was a success.  All students/members who took part completed the project, with some giving up other activities to complete the project.
The skills that they learnt were not just the computer and camera.  They learnt to look at their own work and make decisions about what photos they liked and why they liked them.

They learnt to speak publicly about their work, to help organise a photography exhibition, and to answer questions about their work.

This project took longer to complete than we first thought.  This was because all of the students/members that started the project also completed the project.

Some students/members had not previously seen any projects through to the end.

The skills learnt on the camera and laptop were taking photos (still life, posed, action shots) and editing the photos (cropping, contrasting, darkening etc.) on the laptop.

Bulb Planting 2010

In January this year Brockenhurst Gateway Club members planted spring bulbs into small pots and took them home to watch them grow.  Two members from Hill House School were so excited to see the bulbs grow into leaves and flowers that they decided to start their own garden outdoors.

Their garden grew well and they had fresh vegetables for their meals.


The Mary Rose 2009

In September 2009 a group from Brockenhurst Gateway Club visited the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth docks. We saw the hull of the Mary Rose being sprayed with chemicals to preserve the ancient wood. This year the sprays have being turned off and the ship hall section of the museum has been closed to allow the ship to dry out. In a couple of year’s time the ship will be viewable as never before. We will be able to walk around her at deck level and see every detail clearly without the mist of the sprays.

In May this year, Trevor and Vernon came to club and brought some of the ship’s artefacts for us to see.  We handled cups and plates in wood and pewter, looked at the barber surgeon’s tools, felt the weight of a musket and tried to bend an archer’s bow.  Now we can’t wait for the ship hall to open again, so that we can go to Portsmouth and walk beside the boards that were trodden by the sailors of Henry VIII’s navy, 450 years ago.



Paultons Park 2009

The Lions Club of New Milton arranged and subsidised a day outing to Paultons’ Park on Sunday May 9th.  23 members from Brockenhurst Gateway Club attended with helpers making up the number to 36.

Luckily the day was fine and everyone was so busy enjoying the rides, the penguin and meerkat display and the surroundings that there was no time to notice the cold wind.  Age Concern New Milton supplied a minibus and volunteer driver to transport those who could not get there on their own.

You can see from the photos that a wonderful day out was enjoyed by all.